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Guidance information is available to assist regulatory agencies in their work in monitoring and enforcing the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and other relevant legislation.

Regulatory agencies include police, alcohol licencing inspectors and medical officers of health or their representatives.

Guidance resources

What this guide covers

Part A of the guide presents the benefits of a broad perspective on s295(b) with details on:

  • A1 Why focus on s295(b)? 
  • A2 A broad perspective on s295(b)

Part B draws together insights on effective collaboration, based on input from regulatory agency personnel in New Zealand working together to reduce alcohol-related harm.

These insights are grouped into four main components of effective collaboration:

  • B1 Shared purpose 
  • B2 Strong relationships and good communication 
  • B3 Effective community involvement 
  • B4 A project-based approach 

The guide includes detailed information and case examples for each component. 

Go to Collaboration: a guide for regulatory agencies

Part 1 sets out the foundations of best practice. It covers six areas:

  1. The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012
  2. Gathering and using information and evidence
  3. Developing the theory of a case
  4. Natural justice
  5. Case law
  6. Conflicts of interest

Part 2 covers the five steps in the licensing process:

  1. Inquiring into the application
  2. Report writing
  3. Hearing preparation
  4. The hearing and the decision
  5. Appeals to ARLA

The guide also contains templates, report examples and useful links.

Go to the Alcohol Licensing and Hearings Guide.

A series of downloadable infosheets are available to assist with alcohol licensing:

  • Amenity and good order
  • BYO endorsements for restaurants
  • Caterers
  • Complementary sales
  • Consistency
  • Discretionary conditions and undertakings
  • Duty to collaborate
  • Large-scale events
  • Retirement villages
  • Supporting community involvement
  • Wineries and cellar doors.

View and download the alcohol licensing infosheets.

This resource is available as a booklet to download or as a folder resource. It provides an overview of the legal obligations and responsibilities of clubs with alcohol licences. The folder resource has space to collate all relevant information in one place. 

If you are a club and would like to order a copy, contact your local licensing inspector, Police alcohol harm prevention officer or public health officer who can deliver it to your premises. 

Only licensing inspectors, Police alcohol harm prevention officers and public health officers may order copies of the folder resource but anyone can download the PDF booklet version.

Download or order the Clubs Toolkit.


A folder resource that regulatory agencies can order to provide to bottle stores. It provides an overview of the legal obligations and responsibilities of off-licensed bottle stores. The toolkit includes templates, forms and checklists that can also be downloaded in PDF form.

Download or order the Off-licensed premises toolkit

A folder resource that regulatory agencies can order to provide to premises with alcohol on-licences. It provides an overview of the legal obligations and responsibilities of premises with alcohol on-licences. The toolkit includes templates, forms and checklists that can also be downloaded in PDF form – see box below.

Download or order the On-licensed premises toolkit 

An A4 guide about undertaking controlled purchase operations (CPOs) to reduce the illegal sale of alcohol from licensed premises to under-age people. This resource aims to help ensure operations are robust, defensible, supported by best practices and nationally consistent. 

This resource includes checklists, information sheets and forms.

Download the CPO guidelines.

An A4 guidance book with best-practice models and other guidance information to enable a planned approach to managing alcohol at large events. This guidance is for regulatory agencies and event organisers, licensees, security providers and others.

This resource is produced this resource in partnership with the New Zealand Police.

Download or order this A4 book resource

An A4 guidance book that helps event organisers and Safe Zone providers work with regulatory agencies to provide a Safe Zones for intoxicated patrons at large events. This is a companion resource to the Guidelines for Managing Alcohol at Large Events.

Download the Guidelines for Patron Welfare at Large Events

These guidelines replace what was formerly one guideline. They are A4 guidance books with guidance information for licensees and their staff to assist in establishing and maintaining a safe and secure environment in pubs, taverns, hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs and bottle stores.

Guidance sheets about alcohol advertising, promotions, activities and events that are likely to be considered acceptable or unacceptable in on-licensed premises and in off-licensed premises under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

A guidance sheet about the requirements that need to be met to sell alcohol remotely.

Download the Remote Sales of Alcohol guidance sheet

An A4 guidance book with guidelines for conducting a health impact assessment as a tool for local alcohol planning.

Download the Health Impact Assessment Guidelines

Downloadable templates, forms & checklists for use by premises with licences to sell and supply alcohol.

A pocket card (A6) and A4/A3 sized posters with information for servers about how to assess if a customer is intoxicated or near intoxication and cannot be served alcohol.