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If you want to monitor the licensed premises' alcohol promotions in your community, you need know what is and isn’t allowed.

Under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 it is an offence to:

  1. Encourage excessive consumption of alcohol.
  2. Have promotions involving discounts, or to advertise discounts, on alcohol of 25% or more. However, for it to be an offence on licensed premises – they have to be promoting discounts of 25% or more and having them seen (or heard) from outside licensed premises. It is not an offence to promote or have a discount on licensed premises of over 25% if it cannot be seen (or heard) from outside the premises. It is also not an offence to promote or have a discount that can be seen from outside the premises if it is less than 25%.
  3. Promote or advertise free alcohol. This does not apply to:
    1. product tasting in off-licensed premises
    2. promotions in licensed premises if they cannot be seen or heard from outside.
  4. Promote alcohol with special appeal to minors.
  5. Offer goods, services, or prizes on condition that alcohol is bought. This does not apply to:
    1. offers made only on licensed premises relating to the buying of alcohol
    2. loyalty programmes where rewards or discounts are not primarily related to the purchase of alcohol.

If you believe that a promotion in your community breaches these rules, you should record details such as where and when it happened. If possible take a photograph of the promotion. The next step is to give this information to the Police, the alcohol licensing inspector at your local council or a health promotion staff member at your local Public Health Unit.