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This was the focus of the 2017 'Go the Distance' phase of the Say Yeah, Nah advertising activity by Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency which was led by a 30 second TV commercial centred around two blokes competing for the attention of a girl at a backyard party. One bloke puts himself out of the race by drinking too much alcohol, while the other triumphs by easing off the beersies and drinking water instead. The message? - Ease up on the beersies and you'll go the distance.

The TV advertisement was supported by online video placement, bar, stadium and festival advertising, social media presence and online search activity. 

The primary target audience for the Say Yeah, Nah marketing is medium and high risk drinkers aged 18 to 35 who are open to change (ie, they want to drink less). 

About the campaign

Building on the previous ‘Ease Up’ campaign, Say Yeah, Nah, gives New Zealanders the social permission and language to be able to ease up.

The tagline ‘Say Yeah, Nah’ underpins the campaign and is a verbal shorthand people can use to refuse a drink or say no to another drink. Using the uniquely Kiwi expression is a way of saying no that people can identify with. It makes saying ‘no’ more socially acceptable.

‘Yeah’ is about "I want to hang out with you and I’m up for a good time" and ‘Nah’ is "I don’t want another drink.  Say Yeah, Nah reinforces that it is not acceptable to hassle someone who doesn’t want another drink and encourages people to ‘back’ their mates who are trying to ease up.

The Say Yeah, Nah campaign encourages New Zealanders to drink water between alcoholic drinks to help moderate intake and slow the effects of alcohol.

Key messages

  • Yeah, Nah is a great way to say you don't want another drink.
  • Yeah, Nah gives you social permission to decline a drink.
  • Respect people's choice not to drink.
  • Not drinking doesn't mean you don't want a good time or won't have a good time.
  • Back your mates who are trying to ease up - show your support.
  • Drink water between alcoholic drinks.

Primary audiences

The key audiences for Say Yeah, Nah are:

  • New Zealanders aged 18 to 35 who binge drink (7 to 12 drinks)
  • New Zealanders aged 18 to 35 who drink at high risk levels (13+) who are open to change
  • Friends and family of these drinkers, including those who host drinking occasions.