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If you'd still like to support 'Not Beersies' in your community, please contact us to talk through your plans. We can advise you which ideas and resources will work best. Once agreed, we will place the order for you of the limited stock that remain.

Resources you can keep


  • Brewed by clouds: available at any tap near you. 
  • Freshen up your mouth-hole here: Available at any tap near you. 
  • Not Beersies is heresies: Available at any tap near you. 
  • The perfect blend of oxygen and hydrogen atoms: Available at any tap near you. 
  • Awesome sports guys drink Not Beersies...that’s why they’re awesome: Available at any tap near you.
  • Thanks to my Not Beersies goggles I can plainly see when someone is hideously unattractive: Available at any tap near you.


Available in either black or white in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 5XL 

T-shirts are particularly useful for community event organisers where alcohol moderation messages are being promoted or the target audience (ages 18 to 35) make up the majority of numbers. They should not be used as general giveaways.

Not Beersies branded stickers

Available in two sizes:

  • 75mm(h) x 65mm(w)
  • 115mm(h) x 105mm(w)

Stickers are waterproof and have been designed for use on water bottles, glassware and carafes etc.

Drink coasters

Not Beersies logo on one side with a fun fact on the reverse side.  Four different coasters packaged as a set of four.

  • Fun Fact 1: 10 out of 10 people would die within seven days if they couldn’t have a Not Beersies.  We must be doing something right then, am I right?
  • Fun Fact 2: Did you know that a man somewhere once said ‘Thanks to my Not Beersies goggles I can plainly see when someone is hideously unattractive?’
  • Fun Fact 3: Did you know that goldfish, ducks and platypuses absolutely love Not Beersies, but cats really don’t?
  • Fun Fact 4: As a chemical compound, a Not Beersie molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms that are connected by covalent bonds.  Sorry this isn’t much fun.

Resources you can borrow

Double sided tear drop banner

  • Side 1. Not Beersies Is Heresies
  • Side 2: Freshen Up Your Mouth-Hole Heresies

Two vinyl banners

Large vinyl banners that promote your message

  • W = 1680
  • H = 1188

10mm eyelets  for hanging (two in each corner, two additional along each long edge and one in the middle of each short edge)


10m lengths of bunting to decorate your space.