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FASD Awareness Day Tools
Instructions for use
Social media links

The creative content is designed to be easily shared on social media. Help spread the word by linking to and sharing any of the content from these pages.

Short animation by Counties Manukau Health 

‘Give baby the best start in life’ a short animation developed by Counties Manukau Health with simple informative messages - if you could be pregnant to stop drinking alcohol.

FASD Day social media post

Here is a post already prepared that you can use on your Facebook page.

You may wish to add a different lead in but the Facebook post main text is:

9 September is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day. Chance of pregnancy? Don't drink 'til you know for sure.

Share this post to show your support. 

Download video

If you have Facebook, you can use this post to help promote the message and engage with your community.


FASD Email banner signature

To show support for FASD day this is a small banner image that can be inserted at the bottom of your email signature. Share with wider networks so others can use also.


Download email banner

Use the email signature during September FASD awareness month.

Right click on the banner image and click 'Save image as..' to download the email banner. 

For Microsoft Outlook
  • Save the email signature image somewhere you can easily navigate to.
  • Open a new message
  • In the ‘Message’ tab, select ‘Signature’ then ‘Signatures’
  • Select the place in your message you would like to place the image, then select ‘Insert Picture’ or on this icon 
  • Find the image (where you saved it earlier) and select ‘Insert’
  • Select ‘OK’. The next new message you create should have your altered signature.

You can also find instructions for inserting images as email signatures using Microsoft Outlook - here and instructions for Gmail - here.

Alcohol & pregnancy pamphlet

Pamphlet with information about alcohol and pregnancy. Available to download or order from

Code: HE2523

Alcohol & pregnancy FAQs

Download here

This will help you to have conversations with people who have questions about alcohol and pregnancy.

Pre-Testie Bestie videos made by the Baby Mamas Club ‘When you think you might be pregnant’.

Share the commentary from people on the streets of Auckland who answered this question.

Download video

Download video 

Download video

Learn more about the Baby Mama’s club


Visit the link and share the videos or download the video files and upload the files to your social media channels or website.


Creative credit

When sharing the content please tag the Baby Mamas Club creative team of:

Director/creator - @hanelleharris

Camera - @fanati.mamea

Editor - @sausagepiecrust

Talent - @babymamasclub