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The alcohol free logo lets people know that an area is alcohol free.

An alcohol free area may be at a fair or festival, sports field, school ground, marae or public park.

The alcohol free logo is free to download. It is available in colour or black and white and in various file formats. The templates are for creating alcohol free posters and signage. To access these files - please email

Re-usable alcohol free area stencils in two sizes are also available - a large stencil and a small stencil. These can be either painted or sprayed over to indicate alcohol-free areas.  

Order a large stencil

Order a small stencil

Brand guidelines on the use of the logo

The alcohol free area templates can be customised for your audience or your particular setting. There is less flexibility with using the logo itself. Rules for using the logo are outlined in the brand guidelines.

In the guidelines you will find information on:

  • different logo versions, their usage and sizes
  • logo placement and minimum space requirements
  • things to avoid
  • how to use  the logo in partnership with other logos
  • acceptable colours for the logo.

Please read the brand guidelines before you download a logo or template so that you know how to use the logo appropriately.

Download the brand guidelines

Which file type do I use?

Depending on where the logo is used, a different file type may be needed. If you aren’t sure, check with your designer or printer.