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Inspectors have power of entry to any licensed premises at any reasonable time and may require to see the licence or any records to establish compliance with the Act. (s.267) Functions of the Licensing Inspector include:

  • enquiring into all applications for licences, ( ss.103, 141 ) managers’ certificates (s.220 ) and renewals (ss.129, 225, s.103(2))
  • monitoring licensed premises’ compliance with the Act reporting to the DLC or ARLA (s.197(2))
  • appearing and being heard at ARLA and DLC hearings, appeals and other matters (ss.204(3), 205, 206)
  • applying to ARLA for variation, suspension and cancellation of licences and Managers’ Certificates (ss.71, 170)
  • making appeals to ARLA issuing infringement offence notices (s.262)
  • providing information for development of local alcohol policies (LAPs) (s.78(4))
  • exercising the power to seize alcohol and containers without a warrant for the purpose of analysis. (s.268(2))