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Licensing bodies make decisions around matters to do with licensed premises and include:

Regulatory agencies have an important role in monitoring licensed premises to ensure they operate within the law and with regard to public health and safety. They carry out a range of investigations and reporting. They can also apply to have a licence suspended, varied or cancelled. These agencies are:

These three agencies are required to collaborate in:

  • monitoring licences and enforcing the Act
  • implementing strategies for reducing alcohol-related harm. (s.295)

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is concerned with evacuation plans and general fire safety issues such as a venue’s maximum occupancy.

On occasion other inspectors or officers of the local council or regulatory agencies will visit premises, including health inspector, fire safety officer, dangerous goods inspector, health and safety officer, smokefree officer, gaming compliance inspector, and building safety officer.

If you are concerned about the operation of licensed premises in your area (eg, they are selling alcohol to under-18s or there are intoxicated patrons) contact the Police or the Inspector and tell them about your concerns.