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The Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA) was established under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. It is the overarching national body set up to ensure that the law is fairly applied.

The Authority has up to three district court judges (one of whom will be the Chair) and any number of other members. (s.179(1))

Its functions are:

  • determining applications for new and renewed licences and Manager’s Certificates that have been referred to it by DLCs (s.170(a))
  • determining appeals againstdecisions of DLCs (s.170(b))
  • draft local alcohol policies (s.170(c)
  • giving direction or statements to DLCs (ss.172,176)
  • advising people of the appropriate DLC to go to (s.173)
  • referring matters to DLCs for enquiry and report (s.175)
  • determining enforcement applications - variation, suspension or cancellation of licences and Managers’ Certificates (s.170(d))
  • undertaking other functions conferred on it by any Act.

ARLA can help if you are:

  • unhappy with a decision of a district licensing committee 
  • unhappy with a provisional local alcohol policy and you made a submission on the draft policy
  • looking for a list of alcohol licences and manager’s certificates that are active in New Zealand.

It can’t help if you are making an application for a licence or manager's certificate. This must be made to your local council first - see list of local councils.

ARLA can be contacted at or phone 04 462 6660.

Go to the Ministry of Justice's website for more information about ARLA.

Go to the database of ARLA decisions (2013 onwards).

Go to the database of the Liquor Licensing Authoritiy's (LLA) decisions (prior to 2013)