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The alcohol behaviour change programme by Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency is a significant part of our work to reduce and prevent alcohol-related harm. The social marketing component is the Say Yeah, Nah campaign which has been running since May 2013. It has had four phases of messaging, each with a different focus:

  • Say Yeah, Nah – Provided people with a language they could use to say ‘no’ to alcohol.
  • Say Yeah, Nah extension – Showed that it’s not okay to push alcohol on others.
  • Not Beersies – Provided a normal and popular way of moderating alcohol intake (water).
  • Go The Distance – Visibly reinforced the behaviours of easing up
  • Department of Lost Nights - Actions that can be taken to prevent missing out on the good times.

The Say Yeah, Nah marketing campaign aims to contribute to changing New Zealanders alcohol consumption behaviour from the current norm of high-risk drinking to one of moderation. The marketing has provided New Zealanders with a verbal shorthand to refuse a drink ‘Yeah, Nah’, encouragement to back their mates who are trying to ease up, and a normal and popular way of moderating alcohol intake (Not Beersies/water).

When it comes to a night out, the people who have the best time are the ones that use simple moderation tools, such as drinking water, to temper their drinking and go the distance.

Resources are available to help communities, government agencies, health promoters, organisations and groups to promote the ‘Say Yeah, Nah’ campaign and messages in alcohol-related projects and programmes, day-to-day work and at events.

Please note:

  • These resources are free. However, stocks are limited so please keep your order to reasonable quantities. We only supply one event at a time.
  • Think carefully about who the target audience of your event or activity is and whether the resources are suitable for that audience.
  • The resources are not suitable for activities or events aimed at primary or secondary school students.
  • T-shirts are for staff or the people running an event or activity and are not to be used as giveaways.

When ordering resources, you will be asked to consider the following:

  • What is the purpose of this event/activity?
  • Who will attend the event or who is the audience?
  • What is your key message to this audience?
  • How will you use the resources?
  • What other resources are you providing to support your work at this event/activity?

If you would like to discuss how your group or organisation can support Say Yeah, Nah, please contact a local Te Hiringa Hauora regional manager:

  • Giselle Bareta – Central Region Manager
  • Stuart Dodd – Southern Region Manager
  • Hinewai Pomare - Northern Region Manager